Welfare Facilities

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The KIMFT, runs various welfare facilities such as library, mess room, dormitory, recreation room and public bath which the trainees can utilize for their better relaxation and study.

General Service Room

  • The general service room provides one stop services for students convenience; educational consultation, education information & registration, tuition fee exemption & refund, issuing training certificates, reception of examination application, payment etc.

Recreation Room

  • The trainees can enjoy their life by utilizing recreation room equipped with booth, vending machines, billiards, game machines, singing rooms. Computer Room and Library Equipped with the computer system to manage and operate the management of school affairs of the Institute, national maritime license examination and registration and recruitment of seaman, and a library equipped with all sorts of maritime and fishery books, periodical publications, law reports, etc.


  • Yongdang campus has the dormitory equipped with 120 rooms with twin bed, family rooms and mess room of 200 seats. The dormitory in yongdo campus can accommodate 150 persons and the mess room 200 persons at a time.