On-line System

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The KIMFT, is making continuous efforts for the customer's convenience such as providing the customer with on-line internet service,

operation of anytime license examination system, establishing the remote screen education system, etc.

One-Stop Internet Service

  • Through the internet home page of the KIMFT, the customer can enjoy various one-stop services; registration of education/training, searching for the history of ducation/training undertaken, application for license examination, application and issuance of the certificates, etc. We are trying to achieve higher level for customer's convenience and the result of license examination and medical supervisor are also informed through the Short Message Service(SMS) system.

Cyber Education System

  • To reduce the economic and time burden of seafarers caused by the aggregation and stiffness of education and training, the KIMFT is under progress of establishing the cyber education system through reorganizing most of its education programs in digital system and conducing the education through internet system. Through this cyber education system we are striving for the convenience of customer and reinforcing the competitiveness of its education.