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At Yongdang campus of KIMFT the International Ocean Polytech was established and acquired the International Authentication from OPITO(Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) for the first time in northeast Asia for the training of personnel employed in offshore installations and ocean plants and is challenging the marine plant business, known as a new blue ocean field, so as to create new jobs, to revitalize the national economy through securing competitiveness and to deliver a new message of hope in marine industry field.

Business Status

  • June 2010 : Acquired the approval of 7 training courses from OPITO and commenced the training

Business Plan

  • To acquire the approval of relevant international professional training courses for offshore installations from IRATA, IMCA, HSE, etc.
  • To revitalize IOP(International Ocean Polytech)

Offshore Installation Specialist Training Course

  • These courses are conducted for the personnel employed in offshore installations for the development of petroleum and gases.
    - BOSIET : Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training Course
    - T-BOSIET : Tropical-Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
    - FOET : Further Offshore Emergency Training Course
    - T-FOET : Tropical-Further Offshore Emergency Training Course
    - HUET / EBS : Helicopter Underwater Escape Training with Emergency Breathing System
    - T-HUET : Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
    - T-EBS : Tropical Emergency Breathing System


  • The cultivation course for the specialist working with ropes at high elevation

Offshore Diver

  • This course provides the trainee with ability of underwater inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore installations and oil exploration facilities, and installation and dismantling of various deep sea facilities.


  • Production and liquefaction of LNG at sea and transportation by LNG carriers after storage

Ice Navigator

  • To cultivate deck officers for navigating in polar seas.

DP(Dynamic Position) Operator/Engineer

  • To cultivate specialists for securing offshore installations safely through analyzing dynamic motions of the installations.

HSE Course

  • To cultivate specialists in charge of health and safety management in dangerous work sites such as shipyards, etc.

Job-change in Maritime Field

  • Short term job-change course for unemployed seafarers and shore personnel holding any engineering certificate of competency (machineries, materials, electricity, installation, etc.)

Job-change in Other Fields

  • To cultivate deck officers for navigating in polar seas.

VTS(Vessel Traffic Service) Operator

  • Cultivation of VTS Operators for under developed countries

PSC(Port State Control) Officer

  • Cultivation of PSC Officers for under developed countries.