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We are cultivating the highest maritime and fisheries manpower in the world at the Institute provided with the most advanced training equipment and facilities.

The sophisticated training equipment and facilities established in the KIMFT such as fullmission ship-handling simulators, engine room simulators, GMDSS simulator, oil spill crisis management simulator, vessel traffic service simulator, free-fall enclosed lifeboat, and underwater escape training simulator for helicopter, etc. are regarded as the best classes in the world.

In addition, the KIMFT is provided with three merchant training ships and one fishing training ship, and these ships are playing as pivotal roles in cultivation of junior deck officers and engineers for merchant marines and fishing ships; training for KIMFT trainees of the International Ocean Polytech and students of the national maritime and fisheries high schools.

  • Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator(1)
  • Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator(1)
  • Engine Room Simulator
  • Ship Automation System
  • RADAR/ARPA Simulator
  • Oil Spill Crisis Management Simulator
  • Training Equipments for Small Ships
  • GMDSS Equipments
  • GMDSS Simulator
  • INMARSAT Simulator
  • Training Equipments for Survival Technique
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
  • Oil Pollution-Fighting Simulator
  • Welding Machines and Lathe
  • VTS Simulator
  • ECDIS Simulator
  • Line Hauler for Tuna Long Liner
  • Trawl Winch and related Deck Machinery
  • Mockup Models Showing Various Fishing Methods
  • Fish Specimens
  • Navigational Equipment(GPS, ECDIS, Fish Finder)
  • High Speed Main Engine
  • 3 Phase AC Generator
  • Refrigerating Plant
  • Automatic Control System
  • Milling Machine
  • Purifier
  • Governor Tester
  • Fuel Pump Test Bench
  • Gravity Enclosed Lifeboats
  • Free Fall Enclosed Lifeboats
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training Simulator

The KIMFT has been contributing to the improvement of seafarer competency by providing various effective training courses. It has also been making a lot of efforts to acquire latest ship technology through dispatching the teaching staffs abroad and to develop up-to-date training materials and to enhance training through introducing continuously high-tech training facilities. The KIMFT intends to contribute to the cultivation of high quality maritime and fisheries manpower through making continuous efforts to expand necessary modernized training facilities. And the KIMFT has three merchant training ships and one fishing training vessel and these are being used to provide KIMFT trainees and students of the maritime and fisheries high schools with practical training ship training necessary for ship operation such as ship navigation, engine operation, culturing the adaptation on board life, team spirit, the performance ability, etc.

Qualifications and Academic degrees of teaching staffs
Name of Vessel Tonnage Built
HANBANDO 4,108 G/T 2017.11.28
HANWOORI 5,255 G/T 1989.08.18
HANMIR 1,920 G/T 2018.11.29
HANNARAE 6,280 G/T 2021.05.04