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These courses are conducted for the personnel who need the information, skills and knowledge of modern equipments and facilities on larger vessels, vessel traffic services system, port operation system including various automation systems.

And the KIMFT are playing a role in the promotion of international interchange through providing Government officials from developing countries and foreign teaching staffs with required advanced skills and information in relation to the international technical cooperation programme.

Ship-handling Simulation Course

  • This course provides deck officers, masters and harbor pilots with practical ability to handle and maneuver ships in varying circumstances at sea and in port by using ship handling simulators.

Pilot Training

  • This course provides maritime pilots with high level maneuvering skills through the ship-handling simulator training for every pilotage area in Korea, so as to secure the safety of ship operation and pollution prevention from marine accidents.

Engine Room Simulation Course

  • This course provides engineering officers with the unique training opportunity of handling the marine engine and acquiring practical knowledge and experiences on the characteristics of marine engines and relevant control equipment, and interaction between them and the operation procedures of the engine room by using high-tech engine room simulators.

Bridge Resource & Team Management/Engine Room Resource Management Courses

  • These courses provide masters, deck officers, engineering officers, etc. with the performance abilities of utilizing skills, knowledge, experiences and every available resource on Bridge or in Engine Room so as to secure the safety of the ship and efficient operation.

Electronic Chart Display and Information System Training

  • This course is conducted for the personnel who should satisfy the training requirements according to the provisions of STCW Code Table A-11/2 and ILO Model Course 1.27.

LNG Training

  • This course is conducted for the personnel who wish to join on LNG carrier on the professional knowledge necessary for the operation and management of LNG carriers by using LNG carrier simulators.

VTS Operator Course

  • This course provides VTS operators with an essential knowledge and practice by using various kinds of simulators such as VTS simulator, radar simulator and ship-handling simulator, etc.

Port State Control Coordinator Course

  • This course is conducted for the personnel relevant to VTS operation in order to prevent any embargo etc. caused by nonconfirmatives in PSC inspection.