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IMO (International Maritime Organization) stipulates that all seafarers engaged in international Voyages have to complete the qualifications and training of more than a certain level by the STCW Convention.
The KIMFT is progressing now the seafarer's qualifications and training programs by the appropriate quality management system of the STCW Convention as the prerequisite for embarkation, and is being faithful to the partner's role of our seafarers and maritime industry.

Medical Care Course

  • The ocean-going vessel of 5,000 gross tons or more must be manned with one medical supervisor and the person appointed as medical supervisor on board should acquire the certificate of medical supervisor. There are two ways of acquiring the certificate of medical supervisor; one is to apply for the examination of medical supervisor and the other is to take the training course for medical care.

GMDSS Operator Course(restricted/general)

  • The Theoretical education and simulation training are conducted to train the personnel, among the personnel holding the certificate of 1st or 2nd class electronic radio officer who wishes to acquire the General Operator Certificate of Restricted Operator Certificate required to join on the vessel equipped with GMDSS radio facilities.

License Acquisition Course

  • This course is conducted for the personnel who wish to acquire deck officer?�s license or marine engineers??license newly without taking a relevant cadet course for deck officer or marine engineer

Watch Rating Courses (Deck/Engine)

  • These courses provide deck or engine ratings with knowledge and skills relating to watchkeeping duties and basic operation of ships or engines through which the safe operation of ships is to be promoted.

Foreign Deck/Engine Officers Training

  • These courses provide the foreign deck/engineering officers who wish to acquire the qualification certificate for assigning duties on board or to carry out the education on Korean maritime acts.