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As various training courses have been developed and conducted by the KIMFT,

we, the Korean seafarers are not necessary to go out to foreign countries to receive training and could save time and expenses greatly. The KIMFT has been contributing to the prevention of various accidents at sea through providing various training and education for about 30,000 seafarers annually and about 650,000 seafarers in total so far. And the KIMFT has also been playing a major role in the development of maritime and fisheries industry and the economic growth of the country through training and supplying good caliber seafarers.

Senior Officer Refresher Course(ocean-going ships, coastal carrier)

  • This course provides senior Engineer officers and masters with the advanced knowledge and skills for the improvement of safe and economic operation of ships.

Tanker Course(crude oil/product oil, chemical, liquefied gas)

  • These courses provide tanker crew with the knowledge on cargo characteristics and its danger, cargo gears, cargo operational procedures related to cargo transportation, tank cleaning, etc. for the assurance of safe and economic operation of tankers, safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment.

Radar Simulation Course

  • This course provides deck officers and masters with knowledge of radar equipment, ability of proper use of radar and interpreting information obtained therefrom by using radar simulators.

Passenger Ship Course / High-Speed Craft Courses

  • There are a basic course for every seafarer and an advanced course for masters, deck officers and engineer officers wishing to work on board a high speed craft engaged in international voyages.

ISPS Courses

  • These courses are designed to provide education for the persons who want to be Ship Security Officer, Port Facility Security Officer or Security Auditor according to ISPS CODE.