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Marine accidents invite loss of human life and property, and serious environmental pollution. Those marine accidents could be prevented and diminished efficiently through proper provision of training for seafarers. Various actual emergency situations are reproduced in KIMFT in order to develop trainees' response capabilities in emergency situations

Basic Safety Training Course

  • This training is required for all seafarers to be employed or engaged in any capacity on board ship before being assigned to any shipboard duties on the safety and duties for marine pollution prevention.

Advanced Safety Training Course

Proficiency in survival craft

  • This course aims at the provision of taking proper action by each person to control, launch and operate life boats in emergency evacuations from ships.

Advanced Fire-fighting Course

  • The course is focused on the importance of fire prevention, the proper actions to be taken upon discovering a fire, and how to protect themselves with existing fire-fighting equipment within their work area.

Medical First Aid Course

  • The training course provides ship's crew with proper actions to be taken upon encountering an accident or other medical emergencies.