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Bringing a Brighter Future for Maritime and Fisheries Industry   
Human beings shape the future. We aspire to bring up competent talents in the maritime and fisheries fields dedicated to developing of the industries.  
Welcome you all! 
We sincerely welcome your visit to the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology (KIMFT). 
The future of human beings depends on ocean where the treasures of resources we have to exploit lies. 
The KIMFT has played a key role in the advancement of maritime and fisheries industries by offering education services for those working in the fields and providing specialized training programs. By doing so, it has established itself as the top-notch maritime and fisheries training institute widely known for its excellent expertise. 
Our responsibilities as a public agency are to be respected by the public, to boost pride and self-esteem of our clients, and to make a leap forward into the global arena. 
We aim to contribute to the development of Korean Maritime and fisheries industries by delivering the values of expertise, responsibility, cooperation, and integrity while carrying out our given missions. 
At the same time, we promise to rise as a globally recognized KIMFT and nurture human resources equipped with expert-level capabilities as well as decent seafarer’s mindset. 
Thank you